Custom cardboard boxes

Brand representation is vital; the packaging is the first thing the consumer will see and feel, the starting point that sets your product and company apart. Sent has now installed a new digital diecutting machine, and along with inhouse digital print & laminating capabilities we can help you create original designs, to showcase your product and brand.

We can utilise our stock range and personalise for you. For example: using one of our stock boxes and creating a card or foam insert to house the product, we can then logo print the lid if required. Or get creative with cardboard engineered packaging a unique, one of a kind design to really make your product pop! 

Some of the many possibilities;

 - Media send outs for a new product or company launch.  

- Prototypes/one off packaging; a great way to introduce and enhance your product for the market, or for a sales pitch. No need for large scale commitment until you are ready for production... and we are more than happy to do small runs, cost effectively! 

- Sales and marketing campaigns 

- POS Displays

Please contact us to see how we can help, we'd love to work with you!